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About Me

I am a dynamic, versatile and innovative C-level professional with more than 20 years of high-profile executive management experience. I am seeking a new engagement in a similar capacity where I will dedicate my efforts to the growth and success of an organization and where I can make a real difference. Over the years I have achieved success in companies ranging from Fortune 50 to complete start-ups. Having extensive leadership experience in both environments has helped me gain valuable knowledge and a unique perspective in looking at an organization strategically, tactically, and culturally. I am a creator, inventor and artist that looks for new roads and opportunities for the company I serve. I faced many challenges and, while I didn't always succeed, I usually found a way to overcome them or at least minimize the damage. I believe very strongly in people and have built teams that are as passionate as I am about the products or services we represent. Finally, I define myself by honor and integrity, which has served me well over the years in developing strong and long lasting relationships. Outside of work I enjoy baseball, racquetball and jigsaw puzzles.

My Skills

  • Executive Management
  • New Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership / Motivation
  • Financial Planning / Analysis
  • Domestic / International Operations
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My Education

New York University Stern School of Business

Master of Business Administration

Brooklyn College

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

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Compassionate Leader

"The responsibility of a leader is not just to share a vision but to build a shared vision" (Peter Senge). To effectively manage people, you cannot demand respect; you must earn it over time through your integrity, loyalty, honesty, and open-mindedness. I am a respected leader because I treat my team members with respect and value their opinions. I am constantly motivating and spending time coaching my team to ensure better results and inspire them to be all they can be.

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Driven & Ambitious

I am a very committed individual. This level of dedication is not only shown in my work but to my clients as well. I take pride in offering value to all projects and ensuring clients of my capability and drive. It is always my intention to remain reliable and sincere. I enjoy helping others and encouraging people to come to me with any problems. Whatever the issue may be I will come up with a solution. I get projects done by keeping an open mind and cheerful disposition.

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Skilled Problem Solver

I have gained much experience and knowledge within my area of expertise. I am goal-oriented, dedicated to the task at hand and will never back down from a challenge. I trust my knowledge and experience to guide me through any issues I may encounter. I excel at multi-tasking and effectively setting priorities. Because of this, I can see multiple solutions to solve a problem and readily adjust tactics.


  • 2012 - Current
    COO / CFO
  • 2008 - 2011
    CEO / CFO
  • 2004 - 2008
    Director of New Business Development
    HARRIS CORPORATION, Ad Services Division
  • 1998 - 2004

My Success Stories

Shutterstock 347798435 Successful Process Improvements

As the COO / CFO for Millisecond Technologies Corp I was accountable for all business activities, contracts, negotiations, joint ventures, product development, sales, marketing, compliance, all financial matters, and all general business oversight. A new business model was needed so I wrote strategic, business-financial, and sales/marketing plans. I created a revenue model and raised $3 million of equity funding. In addition, we needed technical support. Therefore I used existing networks to locate prospects, hired top engineers and design individuals. Proof of concept of new technology was needed, so I found beta testing sites. I placed a pilot unit at a large dairy operation and then Purdue University. This proved the viability of the technology, which allowed me to negotiate and sign a 10 year license agreement with the company's first customer. Furthermore, when regulatory approval was needed, I researched regulations, contacted regulatory authorities and obtained approval for US distribution.

Shutterstock 420895078 Strategic Business Development

While at PCA Corporate Strategies, as the CEO / CFO, I provided strategic, business, marketing, financial, compliance, and equity investment consulting and support as needed. A new energy company needed start-up capital, therefore I sought equity investors and obtained an initial $250,000. In addition, a new introducing broker (IB) needed a CEO / CFO, so I acted as interim CEO / CFO and obtained a Series 3 certification. Here I ran a successful IB operation for three years. The IB needed extensive FINRA compliance documents and controls. I acted as Chief Compliance Officer, wrote and implemented all required documents and activities. This resulted in the passing of an intensive four day audit by government officials.

My Resume